Our Advantages

We live in multicultural world and Good Vibrations has over 22 years experience performing at numerous multi-ethnic weddings, anniversaries, fundraisers, birthdays, corporate functions religious and private events. We have the music and the knowledge to confidently represent the following cultures: African, Arabic, Canadian, Chinese, Croatian, East Indian, Filipino, Goan, Greek, Hispanic, Hungarian, Irish, Italian, Jewish, Korean, Lebanese, Maltese, Persian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Scottish, Spanish, Ukrainian, West Indian and so much more!

Performance beyond expectation is what you can expect while dancing to the sounds of Good Vibrations. With over 25,000 songs to choose from our goal is to entertain your guests while guaranteeing a memorable party experience. Our team of professional entertainers will rock the party all night! The best part is we do not charge overtime!

Need a little reassurance?

Good Vibrations readily has available back up personnel and equipment. This in effect will offers our clients complete peace of mind and customer satisfaction. As proud members of the Better Business Bureau and the Canadian Professional Disc Jockey Association we are completely AVLA Licensed to perform at any venue. In term of A/V Good Vibrations has the latest lighting and effects and our professional technicians and mobile DJ/Emcee will travel to any venue or banquet hall in Ontario!!!

Exclusive Savings

25% off Friday & Sunday Weddings  

25% off functions in Jan, Feb & March

Lighting & Special Effects

Intelligent Lighting, Laser Shows, Upgraded Sound/Sub Woofers, LED Up and Down Wall Lighting, Hazer/Smoke Effect, Dry Ice, Bubbles, Flutters and Image Scan Lighting/Customized Logos, Games and Party Props set the mood by enhancing the atmosphere of your venue. Visit our showroom today for your free viewing and experience Good Vibrations enhanced lighting and the latest special effects.


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